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3 Common Causes of Yeast Infections

Yeast Infections: the itching; the burning; the clumpy, white, cottage cheese–looking gunk in your underwear. Yeast infections are never fun, but they may be more than just a fluke—especially if it seems like you’re getting them often. The good news is that if you can identify what’s raising your risk, you might be able to stop the agony before it starts again. Here are six risk factors you should know about.

Taking antibiotics and Yeast Infections-

If you take an antibiotic for strep throat, a UTI, or any other ailment, it can throw your entire personal ecosystem out of whack. Antibiotics can kill off the healthy bacteria in the vagina, allowing yeast to overgrow. To bolster good bacteria and reduce the chances of infection, taking probioics really help. Probiotics with lactobacillus are the best to take because that’s the dominant bacteria found in the vagina of healthy women.

Tight underwear and Yeast Infections-

Tight underwear made from a synthetic fabric that doesn’t let the southern area ‘breathe’ encourages yeast overgrowth by creating a warm, moist environment. It’s a good idea to go commando while you sleep at least once or twice a week, because it allows the vagina to naturally air itself out.

Scented Feminine Hygiene Products and Yeast Infections-

You want to smell like a pineapple infused with tropical flowers down there, right? Not so fast. Scented sprays, wipes, washes, and even fragrant bubble bath may cause the acidity level in the vagina to drop, resulting in a yeast infection. Stick with gentle bar soap instead. And don’t even think about douching.

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