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Boric Acid

A few days after getting over your first yeast infection, you’re definitely telling yourself “NEVER AGAIN!” To make that a reality you’re furiously looking for any and all remedies. One of those is boric acid. To maintain a healthy vaginal balance, you’ll need to introduce antifungals into your diet.

What makes boric acid an effective opponent against candida yeast overgrowth is that it is not only an antifungal but an antiseptic as well. What that means is that it makes it difficult for the bad bacteria to grow at the rate it did before there was boric acid in your system.

To get to a point where you’re not worrying about the chances of a yeast infection, you’ll need to make boric acid a daily part of your diet. That means not skipping any days using it for the bad bacteria will jump at any chance to grow once the antifungals leave your system.

After your first experience with a yeast infection, the chances of getting another yeast infection are higher than they were before getting your first yeast infection. The reason for that is the bad bacteria knows how to become the dominant bacteria, the roadmap so to speak is already there for it.

How does Boric Acid for yeast infection work?

Most studies have shown that in 7 out of 10 women, boric acid did an effective job in killing off the candida yeast overgrowth. Once it is in your system, it attacks that growth of candida yeast cell walls and the antiseptic defends against it growing back.

As you get older, it becomes more and more difficult for your immune system to defend against all the various infections out there. One of the main infections that affect women is yeast infections. Our immune system has to fight off things like the flu and other stomach infections while keeping our beneficial bacteria the dominant of the two.

Helping your immune system by taking boric acid will have obvious benefits on your vaginal health and your energy levels.

How to take Boric Acid for yeast infection?

The best way to take boric acid is in supplement form. It can be found online or at most general supplement stores. Take it as directed on the bottle and take it daily. Preventing a yeast infection seems like a lot of work but it’s not.

Once you settle on a combination of antifungals and change up your diet, you’ll find it hard to go back to the way things were before. Just having more energy is life changing, but to not have to worry about a yeast infection creeping up on you is just as great.

Boric acid on its own won’t maintain a yeast infection free you, it will take help from other antifungals as well as cutting out sugars for good. Sugars just have no place for women since glucose feeds directly into the candida yeast growth. Everything in moderation though. Finding a balance with your new diet and translating that balance into vaginal balance will make for many a happy woman.

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