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Going back decades and centuries ago, cranberries and cranberry juice have been a go to remedy for fighting yeast infections. The problem though is that most women only use cranberries once the yeast infection is apparent. To prevent from a future yeast infection, it’s vital that cranberry juice is a part of your daily diet going forward.

The reason why cranberry juice has been used for so long in treating and preventing candida yeast overgrowth is the cleansing effect on the intestines, mouth and urinary tract. This makes it difficult for the bad bacteria to ever establish a stronghold over the beneficial bacteria.

How does Cranberry Juice for yeast infection work?

What cranberry juice does really well is restore pH levels back to a normal, healthy state and maintain that level. The problem is after the yeast infection symptoms are gone, women don’t make cranberries or cranberry juice a part of their daily diet.

If cranberry juice is so good during the infection, it’ll be just as good after, preventing a yeast infection. Drinking unsweetened cranberry juice once or twice a day and you’re given the ease of knowing you’re protecting that delicate vaginal health.

How to take Cranberry for yeast infection?

Finding cranberry juice is really simple and if you don’t have some at your home, always then you shouldn’t be surprised if a yeast infection comes back. The reason a yeast infection occurred can, in some parts be traced to your diet.

If your diet is heavy on the sugar side then chances are the glucose in that sugar helped feed the candida yeast growth. Having unsweetened cranberry juice and knowing its helping fighting of that candida growth is a no brainer. Cranberry also comes in the fruit form and in supplement form as well.

Finding new ways in the fight against yeast infections is important but also keeping the old school remedies a part of your diet is just as important. Adding cranberry to your diet plus antifungals and lowering you sugar intake is going to do wonders for your vaginal health.

Cranberry juice will also help relieve some of the strain on your immune system and let it focus on protecting your body as a whole. When the candida yeast growth starts getting out of control, your immune system takes a hit.

It’s forced to help fight off that infection and leaves your body open to other possible infections and catching colds. When you add something like cranberry juice on a daily basis, you’ll notice a boost in energy. That boost will be from your immune system having to not worry about balancing out your beneficial bacteria in your favor against the bad bacteria.

Essentially, the goal is to not go through a yeast infection more than once. To get there, it’s going to take some work, like incorporating new diets like cranberry juice, every day. Cutting down on sugars is also hard but if it ultimately means you won’t have to deal with another yeast infection then it sure is worth the sacrifice.

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