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Garlic Extract

After experiencing a yeast infection once, you’re going to try and make sure it doesn’t happen again. The way you do that is by changing your diet right away with foods and ingredients that will keep your vaginal health in check. One of the foods that will help you maintain that necessary balance is garlic.

Garlic is a powerful remedy in preventing yeast infection because of its antifungal properties which make it difficult for the candida yeast to grow out of control. Besides helping your vaginal balance, garlic also plays a key role in aiding your immune system, maintaining a healthy blood sugar level and lowering
your cholesterol.

The reason why 3 in 4 women experience a yeast overgrowth problem is their diet feeds the bad bacteria in your gut and this leads to all the unwanted yeast infection symptoms. It’s your body’s way of telling you that you need a change in diet or be prepared for more yeast infections.

How does Garlic help with yeast infection?

As far as most studies by doctors have shown, antifungals pose a real threat to the candida yeast grow potential. Once in your system, an antifungals has the ability to break down the cell walls that the resulted in the yeast infection happening.

Ajoene is one of the compounds found inside garlic and this antifungals helps fight off the candida yeast growth from ever happening. What’s more is garlic helps candida from being a problem in the future, making it hard for these yeast toxins to release through your blood. With Ajoene, it’s also hard for other strains of fungus to have any power over your bodily functions.

The reason why garlic is can be so effective and useful is the fact that it has a wide range of uses. You can find it in supplement form or you can make it a big part of your post yeast infection diet. If you’re serious about a yeast infection never occurring again then taking steps like making garlic a major part of your diet will help get you there.

How to take Garlic for yeast infections?

Finding a way to make garlic one of your new diet staples shouldn’t be too hard. Of course, you’re going to say you don’t want your breath smelling like it all the time but there are subtle ways of using it. There are many supplements that are garlic based or just garlic and come with no garlic odor whatsoever.

There’s also ways of using garlic in your salads and other foods that don’t rely only on garlic as a main ingredient, insuring your breath is fine. When looking for a garlic supplement, it is important there a combination of garlic cloves and garlic oil.

Suffering a yeast infection one time is already one time too many. Incorporating garlic into your diet or taking a garlic supplement will maintain the vaginal balance you need for a healthier you. Cutting down on sugars seems like a hard pill to swallow but going through a yeast infection more than once is an even harder pill to swallow.

Gradually increase your daily intake of garlic and you’ll see that you’re feeling better. Helping your immune system will make things a lot easier on your body and not having to worry about another yeast infection is something we could all get used to.

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