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Natural BV Remedy Guide

Why Cure Bacterial Vaginosis Naturally? –

Bacterial vaginosis happens when the pH of the vagina changes. This allows bacteria to grow in the vaginal tissues. Symptoms of bacterial vaginosis include itching, a fishy odor, whitish discharge and discomfort during sex. Treatments for bacterial vaginosis include treating the itching with a topical over the counter treatment such as

Vagisil or with antibiotics. However, since bacterial vaginosis still really isn’t understood and can come back after a treatment of antibiotics (and antibiotics can cause a yeast infection), you may want to cure your bacterial vaginosis naturally. Before treating anything with natural remedies, be sure you check with your care provider. You may have a condition (such as pregnancy or breastfeeding) that these natural remedies can harm.

Try Herbs Like Garlic-

There are many herbs to treat bacterial vaginosis. Start with soaking tampons or putting tea tree oil into a sitz bath for an easy treatment. Tea tree oil has antimicrobial properties. Garlic is another popular herb for bacterial vaginosis. Garlic is a natural antibiotic and may have anti-viral properties. You can simply ingest more garlic in your cooking, try garlic pills or you can even wrap a whole garlic clove in gauze and insert it into your vagina. Other herbs to treat bacterial vaginosis include witch hazel, coneflower and black walnut. Speak to an herbalist about how to use these herbs properly.

Eat Yogurt for an Easy Home Remedy-

Most women by now know the benefits of yogurt. Most yogurts contain active cultures that keep the immune system and digestive system healthy. They also help keep bacterial colonies that cause bacterial vaginosis at bay and may fight off yeast infections. Eat yogurt containing active cultures once a day to treat bacterial vaginosis. You can also soak tampons in yogurt to treat bacterial vaginosis vaginally.

Change What You Eat-

Yeast and bacteria thrive on sugar. Many women have found relief from bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections by cutting back on sugar, fruit, vinegar, chocolate, alcohol and cheese. You can also treat bacterial vaginosis by upping your intake of vitamins A, C, D and E. A good way to do this is by eating vegetables high in these vitamins. Vitamin E applied topically to the vaginal area is also effective at treating the itching related to bacterial vaginosis.

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