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Oregano Oil

One of the best natural remedies for your post yeast infection diet is oregano oil. This natural antifungal has been regarded by many doctors as the key in maintaining a candida yeast suppresser. What makes oregano oil so effective is its antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. When you combine those three, it makes it very difficult for candida yeast overgrowth to occur.

Antibiotics that have been prescribed often times do more damage after the fact than help make you healthier. Oregano oil is actually a natural antibiotic that doesn’t wipe out your beneficial bacteria and only attacks the bad bacteria cell walls in your system. This important for keeping your vaginal balance in your favor.

What makes oregano oil even more appealing is that it’s one of the few antifungals that don’t let the bad bacteria develop a resistance. Taking one antifungal is of course not a bad thing but over time, candida yeast can learn to adapt and oregano oil is one of the few antifungals that doesn’t have this problem.

How does Oregano Oil work for yeast infection?

Oregano oil is effective against yeast infections because of the way it attacks the bad bacteria and cell walls of said bacteria. It stops the growth of the cells walls and makes it difficult for these cell walls to ever come back if maintain oregano oil as part of your diet.

After going through yeast infection one time, the goal is to not let it happen a second time. What oregano oil does well is prevent the fungus forming cells from coming back. This happens because of the antimicrobial agent’s thymol and carvacol. With the help of these two agents, the interaction in your bloodstream kills of the yeast cells from developing at all.

What makes oregano oil even more of a great choice is its all natural composition. The more nature based ingredients in your body, the better off you will be. As a whole, your diet needed changes; this is why the yeast infection occurred in the first place. Eliminating a high sugar diet and adding natural products like oregano oil will go a long in preventing a yeast infection in the future.

How to take Oregano Oil for yeast infection?

Oregano oil comes in many forms, gel caps, liquid and tablet form. It’s best to try and find which version best suits you. Just as important is finding which method will keep you honest with using it daily. Skipping any days is not something that’s suggested after battling a yeast infection.

Try to make oregano oil a daily part of your diet going forward because the chances of yeast infection coming back after experiencing it once are over 80%. Oregano oil is extremely beneficial in the prevention of those bad cell walls forming into a real infection.

There are many great antifungals on the market but not many that come as praised in killing off and preventing the bad bacteria from coming back. No woman wants to go through multiple yeast infections in her lifetime. Including oregano oil as part of your past yeast infection routine will put your mind at ease knowing you’re taking the necessary steps to prevent a future infection.

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