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Riboflavin may help treat vaginal yeast infections, but taking riboflavin complex will unlikely treat bacterial vaginosis. Some evidence suggests that the use of vitamin C – vaginally, not orally – may treat bacterial vaginal infections. But ask your doctor about the safety of treating bacterial vaginosis with vitamin C. Bacterial vaginosis, an overgrowth of organisms in your vagina, is one ...

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The use of natural herbs and plants in the kitchen and health has long been known. Many natural herbs which serve as important food ingredients also serve as medicinal commodities. One of those herbs is Ginger itself. Ginger, scientifically named as Gingiber officinale, is a herb whose rhizome is used essentially as a kitchen ingredient and also as a medicine. ...

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Berberine Sulfate


Goldenseal and Barberry in particular contain high levels berberine that has positively stimulating effect on the immune system. This effect is strongest no doubt is in mucous membrane tissues found in the vagina, mouth, and especially the digestive system. Berberine has been shown to possess excellent antimicrobial activity against a wide variety of microorganisms some of which are found in ...

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Aloe Vera Gel


Aloe vera may help reduce symptoms associated with many different ailments. Using the gel or juice from this plant may help reduce symptoms of bacterial vaginosis. The odor, discharge and infection itself may be reduced by applying this product topically or consuming it regularly. Though there may be benefits to using this plant and its byproducts, it should never be ...

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Yogurt For Candida/Yeast


When trying to get down to what it was that caused a candida/yeast infection, it’s always best to start with your daily diet. Chances are that sugars are more or less a normal part of it and processed carbs as well. What goes on in your body is a balance between many living microorganisms that feed off your nutrition. These ...

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Kefir For Candida/Yeast


There are many foods that are good at preventing candida/yeast infections. One of those foods is kefir which is fermented milk beverage. Any fermented food is great for your vaginal health as well. This combines the fermentation and the beneficial bacteria and makes for one strong weapon in the fight against candida overgrowth. What makes kefir good for you is ...

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Probiotics For Candida/Yeast Infection


In the pursuit of finding the best way of staying candida/yeast infection free, one word stands out, probiotics. Probiotics have to become part of your daily diet and routine for it will be what protects you from ever going through a candida/yeast infection episode. Choosing the right probiotic also goes a long way in prevention and vaginal health maintenance. The ...

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Pau d’Arco


Pau d’Arco is considered one of the best herbal remedies in the fight to regulate candida overgrowth. The typical pathogen that overgrows during a period of off the wagon eating is Candida – a term that refers to a large family of yeasts (one celled fungi) that under normal circumstances, harmlessly inhabit the tissues of humans. This is because a ...

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