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What To Do If You Smell Down There


The challenge with vaginal odor is that there’s not a wealth of good studies or teachings that can be a guide to what’s “normal” and what’s “not normal,” says Rajiv Gala, M.D., a Young-Physician-At-Large with the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and faculty member of the Ochsner Medical Center Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology in New Orleans. However, if ...

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How To Get Rid of Vaginal Odor


If you have an unpleasant vaginal odor, it can be very embarrassing, and it may be a sign of some sort of infection, or even poor personal hygiene. One of the most common vaginal infections that is associated with a fishy vaginal smell is called bacterial vaginosis, which is caused by gardnerella bacteria. This as well as other infections should ...

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Yeast Infections And Sex


A yeast infection can increase your risk for STDs, and may pose some risk for your sexual partners. Yeast infections are not sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), although they share many of the same symptoms, such as vaginal itching, burning, pain, and discharge. Given the prevalence of STDs and yeast infections, it’s not unreasonable for a woman to wonder if a ...

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3 Signs You’re Suffering From Candida Overgrowth


Odds are pretty high that you’re familiar with the medical condition known as a yeast infection, as statistics suggest that up to 75 percent of all American women contract a vaginal yeast infection (along with the accompanying itching and thick, discolored discharge) at least once in their lives. But what you may not know is that the official medical term ...

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3 Things Female Runners Should Know About Their Vagina


When you’re getting ready to head out on a run, you probably think about things like seamless socks to keep your feet happy, fuel to keep your stomach happy, and the perfect playlist to keep your head happy. But there are other areas of your body—your breasts, uterus, and vagina—that also deserve some consideration. Discharge Is Normal –If you get ...

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Surprising Facts About Vaginal Odor and Yeast Infections


Vaginal odor may vary throughout your menstrual cycle and may be especially noticeable right after having sex. Normal sweating also can cause a vaginal odor. Though it may be tempting to douche or use a vaginal deodorant to decrease vaginal odor, these products may actually increase irritation and other vaginal symptoms. Okay, it’s a little uncomfortable to talk about, but ...

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How To Clear Your Candida


Candida Albicans is the most common type of yeast infection found in the mouth, intestinal tract and vagina, and it may affect skin and other mucous membranes. If the immune system is functioning optimally, this type of yeast infection is rarely serious. However, if the immune system is not functioning properly, the candida infection can migrate to other areas of ...

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Get Rid of Bacterial Vaginosis Naturally


Bacterial vaginosis is a very common type of vaginal infection. Lots of ‘good’ bacteria as well as some ‘bad’ bacteria are normally present in the vagina. This mild infection occurs when the balance between the good and bad bacteria gets disturbed. Common symptoms include excessive vaginal discharge, sometimes with a fishy odor, along with itching and occasionally pain during urination. ...

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