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Tea Tree Oil

Finding natural sources of yeast infection prevention becomes a way of life after the first time you go through the infection. One of the more lauded antifungals is tea tree oil. The reason why tea tree oil is so effective in preventing and kills off the candida yeast cell walls is the properties inside of it.

Those properties being antibacterial and antifungal which help kill off the overgrowth and also make it very hard for those cell walls to come back in sufficient numbers. Changing your diet is key in preventing a vaginal yeast infection reoccurrence. Cutting out sugars, salts and yeast based foods are vital but so is feeding your system the replenishments it needs to protect against the bad bacteria.

In your body lies a delicate balance between good and bad bacteria that performs it’s necessary in making everything inside of us work. Sometimes the bad bacteria grow larger in numbers and this is when the unwanted, embarrassing symptoms of yeast infection appear.

How does Tea Tree Oil for yeast infection work?

To maintain the necessary balance for the best vaginal health, your immune and digestive systems could use a little help. With tea tree oil, the fighting off of the bad bacteria is really effective. Tea tree oil zeroes in on the bad cells walls and wipes them out.

This process also does wonders for your immune system, helping it defend your body against other unwanted infections and bacteria. Including tea tree oil and other antifungals, you set yourself up for a mixed defense which makes candida yeast resistance impossible.

The best thing about tea tree oil is that it’s natural. As opposed to medicine given to you by your doctor, tea tree oil has a larger scope of beneficial outcomes. Using it for vaginal yeast infection prevention will have positive effects on your digestive system which will keep any unwanted bacteria away from your gut.

How to take Tea Tree Oil for yeast infection?

There are many ways you can make use of tea tree oil in your post yeast infection diet routine. It comes in liquid form and supplement form. You can make teas with it, take baths with it and take the supplement form in the morning and at night.

It’s important to maintain the use of it as to keep the bad bacteria from forming any type of resistance. The reason why the candida yeast is such a pest is that it grows at a faster rate than the beneficial bacteria in your system.

Tea tree oil on its own won’t keep the candida yeast overgrowth away. It’s suggested to use it along with other antifungals so there’s no resistance being built by the bad bacteria over time. Just as important is maintaining a diet that will keep your vaginal health balanced in your favor.

That means laying off the sugars, processed carbs and heavy meats. The yeast infection occurred because your body wasn’t getting the proper nutrition for it to maintain the delicate vaginal balance. It’s a complex system but once you start eating healthier, the ease of knowing you do not have to worry about a potential yeast infection is pretty great.

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