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An infection like bacterial vaginosis deals with many variables inside a woman’s body. One of the main reasons for a BV infection is the imbalance of good bacteria (lactobacilli) and the growth of bad bacteria which causes this infection. Something that needs to happen inside your body is a boost to your immune system. This can come from the use of Arabinogalactan.

According to recent doctor studies, arabinogalactan has shown to enhance the immune system responses and help grow healthy bacteria which are prebiotics. What this means for women suffering from bacterial vaginosis is a potential remedy that works. Bacterial vaginosis comes from the overtaking by bad bacteria of the good bacteria. What needs to happen to make this situation the opposite is a compound like arabinogalactans working its way through your system and restoring your vaginal health.

How does Arabinogalactan work?

For a healthy vagina to keep being one its needs lie in the balance of these good bacteria’s and bad bacteria are living in harmony. The harmony your vagina needs is the good being the majority and the bad being the minority. Why arabinogalactans is lauded as a remedy for BV comes from the positive effects on the immune system.

As with any infection, the immune system is weakened as a result and can’t help defend your bodies organism’s like it can. With arabinogalactans, the bad bacteria strains overtaking the good in your vagina are far less likely to succeed. It has also been found to promote healthy intestinal bacteria which can translate to your vaginal health. The more healthy bacteria, like prebiotics, the less likely a BV infection will occur.

How to take Arabinogalactan?

Much like probiotics, arabinogalactans works in the same way by helping your immune system and creating a ripe environment for your body to produce more healthy bacteria. How a BV infection even starts is up for much debate, but no one doubts the lack of lactobacilli as a key reason for BV. Probiotics and prebiotics form a harmonious environment for the good bacteria to keep growing.

Arabinogalactans helps the BV from ever coming back again as well as fighting it off the first time you use it. Along with its immune boosting qualities, the arabinogalactans promote a healthier balance of the good bacteria going forward. Once the good bacterium forms their dominant status over the bad bacteria, it’s hard for it to ever come back.

You can usually find arabinogalactans in a powder or tablet form. Some women even use in food recipes. It’s important to maintain arabinogalactans a part of your diet going forward so the BV doesn’t have a chance of coming back. There’s many ways women can get side tracked from a healthy lifestyle and create an opening for BV to cause trouble again.

Once you’ve started taking arabinogalactans and probiotics, you’ll find it addicting to maintain your healthy streak. A big part of why bacterial vaginosis happens is from poor choices in diet. Eating too much sugar, too much salt and yeast based food all give way to the bad bacteria becoming the dominant bacteria in your vagina. Once you start eating healthy and taking the correct remedies, it’ll be hard to get off track.

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