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Reishi Mushroom

Reishi mushroom with its powerful adaptogenic and immune-boosting properties has numerous health benefits and has been used for centuries in oriental medicine. For those with a bacterial vaginosis, it is specifically used to boost the immune system and provide relief.

These herbs actually improve your body’s ability to cope with anxiety, tiredness and stress of all kinds. But if you’re suffering from bacterial vaginosis, the most important benefits of Reishi mushroom are its effect on your immune system.

How does Reishi Mushroom work?

Reishi mushrooms contain polysaccharides, complex carbohydrates that provide slow-release energy for your brain and nervous system. Some studies have shown that Reishi mushrooms have a moderating effect on blood sugar levels, while another study even showed that Reishi helped to kill cancer cells.

Reishi mushrooms also contain potassium, magnesium, calcium and fiber. All of these are healthful supplements for BV sufferers, particularly the fiber and magnesium.

Note that one study found that Reishi impaired blood clotting in some of those who were taking it. For this reason it should not be taken by pregnant women, those undergoing surgery or anyone who is taking blood-thinning medication. Always talk to your doctor before starting any course of supplements.

How should you take Reishi Mushroom?

There is much debate over whether mushrooms will feed your bacterial vaginosis. Some claim that mushrooms can encourage the yeast and bacteria that causes bacterial vaginosis to grow, but in fact there are many mushrooms that have antimicrobial properties.

This was demonstrated in a 2008 study in which several mushrooms demonstrated “anti-BV activity”. Additionally, any new fungus introduced into your gut is likely to compete with the Candida for resources rather than ‘feeding’ it.

Reishi is best taken in supplement form, as cooking those converts their complex carbohydrates into simple sugars and raises their Glycemic Load.

Where can you find Reishi Mushrooms?

In alternative and traditional Chinese medicine, reishi mushrooms are usually dried and powdered to make teas or can be found in tablet/supplement form. You can eat them fresh or cooked, as well. “There has not been any research that can confirm that eating reishi mushrooms raw vs. cooked would provide better outcomes,” she adds.

Some herbalists have prescribed reishi mushroom supplements to help with bacterial vaginosis. Reishi mushrooms can cause blood thinning, however, so you should avoid it if you’re taking any medication for your blood pressure, anticoagulants, or antiplatelets. It is also available on most online stores and any general supplement stores in your city.

Who should take Reishi Mushroom?

The benefits of reishi when taken for baceterial vaginosis are clear. It’s immune boosting and antimicrobial properties are what are needed to combat BV. For anyone who has suffered from this condition more than once, a natural remedy would be wise to try.

That’s why anyone who has suffered from BV absolutely doesn’t want to go through again needs to try reishi. Reishi is also good to take on it’s for prevention of BV. Of course consult your physician beforehand for the blood thinning risk, other than, reishi will be a welcome surprise for you in the fight against bacterial vaginosis.

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