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Yogurt For Candida/Yeast

When trying to get down to what it was that caused a candida/yeast infection, it’s always best to start with your daily diet. Chances are that sugars are more or less a normal part of it and processed carbs as well. What goes on in your body is a balance between many living microorganisms that feed off your nutrition.

These microorganisms depend on thriving from these foods you ingest; the more of the healthier foods, the more the beneficial bacteria in your body thrives. The more of the bad foods and the more the bad bacteria thrives. The reason why it’s easier for the fungus forming bacteria to thrive is that they naturally grow at a faster rate than the beneficial bacteria.

Benefits of yogurt for candida/yeast infection

This is why it’s paramount you feed your body’s system all the foods it needs to maintain the correct balance. One of these foods is yogurt. Yogurt is beneficial to your vaginal balance because it contains lactobacillus which builds up the number of healthy bacteria in your vagina. It also makes it difficult for the candida to ever become the dominant bacteria as well.

Sugar is the main ingredient that candida and candida/yeast feed off of then become the infection that’s so annoying. What yogurt does is interact with most of the sugars found in your system and attacks the candida/yeast.

Your vagina relies on a healthy level of pH as well. Yogurts acidic nature makes it impossible for candida/yeast to ever thrive to the point when an infection occurs.

Probiotics, yogurt and candida/yeast infection

What makes yogurt such a potent weapon in preventing candida/yeast infection is the probiotic contents of it. Probiotics are what ensure the beneficial bacteria in your vagina remains the dominant of the two. Good bacteria as a whole is very delicate, it relies on help from your immune system and gut. Any help by way of dieting will make the strains on your immune system lighter.

In addition to aiding your beneficial bacteria, yogurt helps your immune system fight other infections like the common cold and other stomach infections.

How to take yogurt for candida/yeast infection

If you’re dealing with a candida/yeast infection right now, you can use yogurt and apply it the vagina. If you’re looking for prevention then you can find yogurt in most any supermarket or even try making it yourself. It’s important to note that you need unsweetened plain yogurt.

The most crucial take away is that your vagina is a living organism inside that needs the proper care to thrive. The first time you go through a candida/yeast infection is your body’s way of giving you a wakeup call. You weren’t eating healthy enough and what happened is a candida/yeast infection. To make sure it doesn’t happen again, make yogurt a staple of you daily diet. You can have it in the morning and you can also have it as a late night snack. No one wants to go through a candida/yeast infection more than once and eating yogurt is an easy way of preventing that from happening again.

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